Meet the Team

Artistic Director and founder of Nrityanvita Kathak Academy

Anvita Sharma

Anvita Sharma has trained for over 20 years in this art form. She has been teaching Kathak to the community in Southern California since 2007, and is a disciple of Guru Rachana Upadhyay and Smt. Durga Arya

Assistant Teacher

Evangeline (Evi) Alva

Evangeline Alva began her dance career as a trained ballroom dancer, specializing in Latin Ballroom, but since then has trained or has taught Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk,Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha-Cha and Rumba. She is also a professional Belly dancer, having competed and taught in the US, Brazil and Mexico, including Arabic folk dances (Khaleeji, Dabke, Melaya Leff). And last but not least, she is also a trained classical and jazz pianist and percussionist. Evangeline has been training in Kathak for 6 years under Anvita Sharma. Her love for the dance comes from her desire to connect with her Indian culture and express the music that she feels most connected to, relating stories and feelings. She is passionate about education and is also a language teacher, currently teaching Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. During the pandemic Evi moved to Mexico, so has continued in our online classes. She’s also an occasional substitute teacher for the Academy, and now runs one of our virtual classes remote from Mexico! She currently teaches Salsa, Bollywood and Belly dance. 

Assistant and Substitute teacher

Anisha Ahuja

Anisha Ahuja is a PhD candidate and adjunct professor in Los Angeles. She has been with Nrityanvita Kathak Academy for 10 years and started providing teaching support in 2023. Anisha also runs one of her own classes in Pasadena for the Academy! She’s also a member of our dance troupe and when she is not dancing, Anisha is busy writing her dissertation on the history of dance in North India!

Assistant and Substitute teacher

Vasudha Vasudevasastry

Vasudha, dreamt of pursuing Kathak since childhood. “This dream came true when I started my Kathak Journey with Anvita Didi during the pandemic.” Vasudha has been a sincere and dedicated student of Kathak since she joined the academy, and recently started filling in as a substitute to help with sudden growth of classesthe Academy experienced. Now she runs one of our new classes in Irvine! She is also a Program Manager in the software industry by profession and Mother to 2 energetic boys.

Substitute teacher

Rishika Ravichandran

Rishika, is an exceptionally talented young member of our academy. Currently a senior in highschool, she will be heading to UC San Diego next year to study Mathematics Computer Science. Rishika joined the Nrityanvita Kathak Academy when she was 11, and has developed a strong passion and love for this dance style over the past 7 years. She is part of our dance troupe, and is a substitute Kathak instructor for our Pasadena classes. She is also trained in Bharatanatyam since age 7, has been learning Hip Hop for 3 years, and works part time as a gymnastics coach. Rishika loves sharing her skills and knowledge with others.

Substitute teacher

Arianne Kalra

Arianne started her dance journey at the age of 5 learning Kathak and Bollywood, not realizing it was to become an integral part of her life. Her Kathak training was a mix of Lucknow and Jaipur styles, as she trained under the tutelage of Smt. Bhairavi Kumar and Smt. Anjani Ambegaokar for 16 years combined. She was also heavily involved with the NDM Bollywood Studios dance troupe for many years until her schedule became too hectic in med school. Now Dr. Arianne Kalra, is back continuing her training in Kathak at our academy since Jan 2023. “I took the leap back into Kathak where my heart truly was, and now under the training of Anvita didi, I feel I am once again whole.” She is part of our dance troupe, and is a substitute teacher for our Mid City and Pasadena classes.

Substitute teacher

Nandini Rao

Nandini has been learning kathak at the academy since 2020 from Guru Anvita Sharma. Prior to Kathak she trained in Bharatanatyam for 8 years. Nandini is passionate about learning the right dance technique and works on improving in her form every day. She is a substitute teacher for our academy and in her free time she likes to listen to various genres of music and go hiking with family. Fun fact: Nandini also has a 9 year old who plays tabla and she loves jamming with him!