Nrityanvita Kathak Academy

Proudly introduces Anvita Sharma

Our renowned Kathak school caters to individuals of all skill levels and ages, including adults, kids and adolescents by sharing the enchantment of dance through the art storytelling. The academy strives to ensure that Kathak is accessible, inclusive, and meaningful by fostering connections among diverse cultures and engaging audiences within the community.

A mesmerizing dance with pulsating footwork, graceful upper body movements and facial expressions demonstrates the art form’s diverse cultural Hindu and Islamic influences. From its spiritual roots of Katha Vaachan (storytelling), Kathak literally means storytelling through dance.

  • Origin and Meaning

    Kathak is a mesmerizing dance form with diverse cultural influences, combining Hindu and Islamic elements. It literally means storytelling through dance, rooted in the ancient practice of Katha Vaachan.

  • Early Development

    Originating in the temples of north India, Kathak emerged thousands of years ago. It began as a way to narrate epic tales from Hindu scriptures, such as the Mahabharat and Ramayan, using rhythmic movement and poetry.

  • Transition and Expansion

    The art form evolved as traveling bards took the stories beyond the temples, incorporating mime, emotions, and facial expressions. Kathak gained popularity throughout India, becoming a multidimensional entertainment tradition.

  • Mughal Influence

    During the Mughal era, Kathak experienced a significant transformation. It became an integral part of the court culture, with a strong poetic influence and emphasis on mathematical compositions of pure dance.

  • Hindu-Muslim Integration

    Kathak transcended religious boundaries, being performed in both Hindu and Muslim palaces. It was now appreciated by aristocrats from different backgrounds, blending elements of both cultures.

  • Evolution and Variations

    Over time, Kathak continued to evolve and adapt. It thrived in cities like Lucknow and Jaipur, where distinct Gharanas (styles) emerged. Today, Kathak is performed in large groups, duets, and solos, showcasing its complexity and versatility.

  • Monday


    1:00pm-4:30pm Privates by appt

    6:00pm-7:30pm Tweens Anaheim

    7:30pm-8:30pm Adults Anaheim

  • Tuesday


    11:00am-3:00pm Privates by appt

    6:45pm-7:45pm Virtual Adults (Int)

    8:00pm-9:00pm Adults Anaheim (Beg)


    7:00pm-8:00pm New Irvine Adults 4/16/24

  • Wednesday

     Privates by appt only

    3:30-4:30pm New SASA Seniors Irvine 4/17/24!

    5:00pm-6:00pm Kids Irvine

    6:00pm-7:00pm Adults Irvine

    7:00pm-8:00pm Adults Irvine


    5:30pm-6:30pm New Virtual Adults (Beg) 4/10/24!

  • Thursday


    11:00am-3:00pm Privates by appt

    6:00pm-7:00pm Adults Irvine (Beg)

    7:00pm- 8:00pm Adults Irvine (Int)

  • Friday

    12:00pm - 3:00pm Privates by appt

    4:30pm - 5:30pm Dance Troupe



  • Sunday

    Adults Mid City

    11:30am-12:30pm Adults Mid City (Beg)

    2:30pm-3:30pm Kids Pasadena- coming soon

    3:30pm-4:30pm Kids Pasadena

    4:30pm-5:30pm Adults Pasadena (Adv)

    5:30pm-6:30pm  Tweens Pasadena

    6:30pm-7:30pm Adults Pasadena

    7:30pm-8:30pm Adults Pasadena (Beg)

  • Small Group Classes

    • Traditional style instruction with live tabla accompaniment options.
    • Comprehensive learning of Kathak, including rhythm, paranth recitation, pirouettes, mudras, hand exercises, balance, theory, bhav, culture, and history.
    • Performance opportunities for all stage-ready students.
  • Diploma Program

    • Offered in partnership with Prayaag Sangeet Samiti.
    • Option to take annual exams and earn a diploma certificate.
    • Recognized by leading music institutions in India.
    • Provides a structured curriculum for in-depth learning.
  • Private One-on-One Classes

    • Online and In-person options
    • Suitable for students with busy schedules.
    • Individualized instruction tailored to the student's needs.
    • Convenience of learning from anywhere with an internet connection.