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What gharana does Kathak Kala Academy specialize in?

Lucknow Gharana. 

Anvita Sharma has had the majority of her training from Guru Rachana Upadhyay. Her guru has a Nipun/masters in Kathak and has trained exclusively in the Lucknow Gharana. Her second Guru Smt. Durga Arya is also trained in Lucknow Gharana, as a direct disciple of late Pt. Birju Maharaji

What if I miss a class, does my credit roll over to the next class? 

Our classes run more like a school rather than a drop-in dance studio. Once you start in a group, it will be your “batch,” like a cohort, so you progress together as a group. Every class builds on the previous week’s content. So what is taught in the first class will be relevant for the second class. And this goes for all Kathak schools and classical dances because it’s a classical art form, training takes years. The longer you learn, the more you’ll advance in your technique. Fees do not roll over, if you miss a class, you’re responsible to learn the material you missed, using the shared class videos or by contacting me for help.  

How do I make up the material if I miss a class? Can I do a make up session?

Regular attendance is important, but yes not always possible. So any new choreography is recorded and will be sent to your class WhatsApp group within 24 hours. For beginner classes, a slower choreography breakdown video is usually recorded to help students with their practice at home, or for those who missed the class so they can catch up. Students who missed class are expected to review the videos and try to pick up the steps they missed and be ready for the next class. Then in the next class, we fine-tune the choreography 

You can also schedule a virtual zoom meeting with me to clarify anything you don’t understand. 

If you would like to take another class as a make up, you can attend a class in any of the 4 locations, keeping in mind every class learns different songs and compositions based on their level. If you decide to attend a different class as a make up, please ask which options are best based on your level.

What if I’m missing an entire month of classes due to travel, sickness or other reasons?

If you have paid for the month, but are missing 4 consecutive classes, we can schedule a complimentary virtual private to review what you missed. You’ll still need to keep up with the class videos, but the online bridge session will be to clear any doubts, and make sure you have everything you need to get up to speed 

What if I feel the class I’m in is too slow for me?

Talk to me! Regardless, if we think a class is moving too slow for one student, we’ll move them to a more advanced class, but everyone starts as a beginner. 

How many classes per week?

Classes are held once a week for an hour, once a week. Generally most students take one class per week, but if you there want to take two classes because different things are taught in each class, there’s an additional charge. The second class is 40% off. 

Do you have school shows or any other performances? 

Yes, we have an annual school recital every fall, and many other performance opportunities in the community throughout the year. 

Do you offer testing or a diploma program?

Yes currently we offer a testing through Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Allahabad, India. We have been affiliated with them since 2016, exams are not required, but highly encouraged as they help you gain a deeper understanding of Kathak. You can browse the website to learn more about them.  

Prayag Sangeet Samiti 

Does testing require any additional fees? How do we study?

All students will test Praveshika with me in class within the first year of learning. There is no fee for testing in class, but this test is to ensure everyone has an understanding of the foundation, movements and theory in Kathak. Adults can skip taking Praveshika exams with Prayag Sangeet Samiti if they have passed in class, so they can skip to the Junior Diploma level 1 exam. All other students need to take Praveshika with the institution. Exam content will be covered during class, whether you’re taking the exam or not, so everyone will still learn the same material. As you move to higher level exams in your 3rd or 4th year of testing, more individual research will be required, but you will still be guided and prepared in class regardless. 

Is diploma testing required for all students?

No, it is optional, but highly encouraged 

Are there any other fees or costs besides the class tuition we should be aware of?

Yes, once you pass the the ghungroo test, I’ll have to purchase a set of ghungroo (bells). Depending on age, we start with 25-50 bells on each foot, and the cost is  $25-50 for a pair. After a few years you can upgrade to a larger set as your tatkar becomes stronger

Our costumes are one of the most competitive in the area, at under $70. Students generally purchase one of the year, or every other year, depending on what the class agrees on. Her customs are high quality with the majority of them made from georgette material. 

Recital fees are $25-$50 per year, to help cover the cost of photography, video and musicians. This is also very competitive compared to most other classical dance schools. 

Costume jewelry is a one time purchase, but you can wear the jewelry you already own and don’t necessarily need to purchase the recommended kundan jewelry unless you’re serious and learning long-term. 

I’m excited to perform, what jewelry, etc do I need to gather?

Here is our Kathak costume checklist:

-Kathak belt (or alternative)

-Kathak costume with Chunni, pleated

-Kundan Jewelry set with tikka (artificial)

-Artificial white flowers/gajra



-Bells (ghungroo)

-Medium size Red dot simple bindi 

-Red marker for alta design on hands, or alta

-Clear nail polish to stick Tikka to forehead

-Diaper pins (these do not damage/rip the material like safety pins can)

-Safety pins

-Black eyeliner 


-Bobby pins

-Hair Clip

-Extra rubber bands

-Hair brush

For first time performers, if you have any questions or don’t have some of these items, please reach our so we can guide you on where to find them.